Birthday Party

Enjoy the night safely aboard your birthday party bus

There is always a chance your birthday celebrations will lead to a crazy night out. Keep yourself and your friends safe by hiring a private bodyguard to accompany you throughout the night. If you’re out for a night of bar and club hopping in a birthday party bus, our bodyguard will keep you and your group safe throughout the night. If you need help with deciding on the best places to go, our birthday planner will help you select the most exclusive and safest bars and clubs in Bangkok so you can avoid any dodgy areas or places and feel safe to party throughout the night.

For private birthday party events, having security present is a great idea to make sure that everyone stays safe so that you don’t have to. We’ve all seen how wild parties can get, and it’s never fun having to spend all night taking care of that one friend who had way too much to drink. Our security professionals will watch over the event throughout the night and make sure that everyone safe and that nobody injures themselves. If you want any other services, you can let our birthday planner team know.

Hire a personal bodyguard to accompany you to any birthday party events

This is a great option for all the ladies out there – bodyguards can keep a watchful eye from a distance so that you and your friends can feel comfortable enough to enjoy yourselves dancing the night away at your birthday party events, but they will step in and handle any unwanted situations should they arise. You won’t have to be worried about unsafe taxi drivers or other local transportation – your security escort can ride with you on your birthday party bus and make sure everyone in the group gets home safe at night no matter what time your party ends.

If you need a birthday planner to help you come up with celebration ideas or organize any services you can contact our partner (