Bachelor Party

Keep the lads safe at your bachelor party

Bangkok is a dream location for any wild bachelor party. With so many bars, clubs, and stripclubs in town you can bet the night will get a little crazy. Instead of having to worry about the safety of the group, let one of our security professionals take care of that for you – leaving you free to enjoy the night. With so many places to choose from, planning where to celebrate your bachelor party can be really tough. We specialize in bachelor party planning and can help you decide on the perfect itinerary for the night, and hire a security escort to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

There are always some concerns when it comes to partying in Bangkok, whether it’s related to local transportation, trouble with police, or dealing with the bouncers at a club. With one of our security escorts, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Not only are they trained to protect you, but many of our private bodyguards have close relationships with people in the nightlife industry in Bangkok. No matter where you go, our bodyguards can get you in without a hitch and have you partying like a real VIP.

Add security to one of our Bangkok bachelor party packages!

Nothing screams exclusivity like a personal bodyguard. If you organize your bachelor party with us, we’ll make sure to take it to the next level – heads will be turning no matter where you go. Not only do we offer protection, but our partner organization can help you out with your bachelor party planning. We have a variety of amazing bachelor party packages to offer – including services like alcohol, transportation, or even sexy party hostesses. If you want one of the most exclusive Bangkok bachelor party packages available, contact our partner