Welcome to bodguardsbangkok.com, your trusted source for an extensive range of professional bodyguard categories. We understand the importance of personalized security, and that’s why we offer a diverse selection of specialized services to meet your specific needs. Explore our bodyguard categories below and discover the perfect protection solution for any situation.


Our services

Executive Protection:

Our executive protection specialists are skilled in safeguarding corporate executives during business trips, public appearances, and everyday activities, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Celebrity Security:

With our celebrity bodyguards, we provide comprehensive protection to public figures, managing the challenges of maintaining privacy and personal safety in the public eye.

Residential Security:

Our residential security teams implement robust security measures to protect your home and loved ones, offering peace of mind even in your most private spaces.

Event Security:

Count on our event security personnel to ensure the smooth execution of gatherings, concerts, and other public or private events, providing a safe environment for all attendees.

Travel Security:

Our travel security specialists offer comprehensive protection while you’re on the move, both domestically and internationally, so you can focus on your journey with peace of mind.

Our Categories

Bouncers and Volunteers 

Our highly trained bouncers and volunteers excel in crowd management and maintaining a safe environment at events, clubs, and venues

Thai Bodyguards - Unarmed

Professional Thai bodyguards who provide expert protection without the use of firearms, ensuring your safety with their exceptional skills and training.

Thai Bodyguards - Armed: Skilled

Thai bodyguards trained in armed protection, equipped to handle high-risk situations and provide a heightened level of security.

Thai Bodyguards - Police

Thai bodyguards with a background in law enforcement, bringing their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your safety and security.

Police Motorcade

Our specialized police motorcade unit offers comprehensive protection and smooth transportation logistics for high-profile individuals and events.

Former Marine - Non Thai Close Protection Officers

Experienced former marine close protection officers, providing exceptional security expertise and international experience.

K9 Unit

Our highly trained K9 unit specializes in detecting threats, providing a valuable asset in ensuring your safety and detecting potential risks.


Bomb Squads

Our expert bomb squads are trained to identify and handle explosive devices, offering a crucial level of protection and risk mitigation.

Crowd Control Unit

Our crowd control unit specializes in managing and maintaining order in large gatherings, ensuring the safety of all participants.

Female Bodyguards:

Skilled and trained female bodyguards who bring a unique perspective and expertise to personal security, catering to the specific needs of our clients.

Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals

Our bodyguards are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in personal security protocols. They excel in risk assessment, threat mitigation, and emergency response.

We prioritize your safety and privacy with our professional and discrete bodyguards who provide a seamless and unobtrusive security experience.

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Your Safety is Our Priority

When you choose our bodyguard services, you can trust that your safety is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of protection at all times. Rest assured that with our expert bodyguards by your side, you can navigate your daily routines, high-profile events, or travel adventures with confidence and peace of mind.


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