#1: What is the nationality of your bodyguards?

We have both Thai and foreign/expat bodyguards (USA, England, Scandinavian countries, Australia, etc)

#2: What is the minimum duration we can book for?

Our minimum accepted booking duration is 3 hours.

#3: How can I book a bodyguard?

Contact us and provide us with the details of the client or event, and we will get back to your within 24h with a proposal and quotation.

#4: Are your bodyguard certified?

All of our bodyguards are certified, but all come from a variety of different backgrounds (e.g. ex-police, ex-military, show business, etc.) Contact us to find the perfect bodyguard to suit your requirements.

#5: Do you provide services only in Bangkok?

We can provide services throughout Thailand upon request.

#6: Do you provide long-term bodyguard services?

Our services are available at hourly, daily, and monthly rates.