Celebrity Protection

VIP security for high-profile individuals in Bangkok

Whether you are a rapper, musician, politician or executive, we have the best VIP security professionals in Bangkok to protect you. Whether you are looking to hire a personal bodyguard for an event, or to accompany you to nightclubs in Bangkok, we have you covered.

As a high-profile individual, going out can be extremely hectic. Besides the obvious physical threats, it can be extremely difficult to enjoy your privacy without fans or other people recognizing you in public. If you hire a personal bodyguard through our organization, you will be protected from both. Feel free to enjoy your time at an event, or partying at the best nightclubs in Bangkok. Our security professionals will escort you to wherever you need to be, and will keep the crowds away from you to make sure that you can maintain your privacy and enjoy your time.

Protect yourself and your privacy – hire personal security with us

If you hire personal security through our company, you can rest assured that your safety is in the most capable hands. Our bodyguards come from a variety of backgrounds, so no matter what kind of protection you require, a personal bodyguard from our organization will be able to meet your needs. Our bodyguards will keep an eye out without getting in the way, so you will be free to enjoy yourself without feeling smothered. If you require maximum protection, we have VIP security from police and military backgrounds. Many of our bodyguards also have a strong network with people that work at many of the best nightclubs in Bangkok, so they can work with the venue to ensure your safety and privacy throughout the night. Contact us now to learn more about our different bodyguards and to hire personal security for high-profile individuals at any occasion.