Public Event

Whether you’re an attendee or an organizer, we can offer you the perfect bodyguard services

Whether you’re an organizer or attendee of a large, private event security can be a huge concern. If you’re an organizer, it is your duty to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that all guests are kept safe. As a high-profile guest, you may need a party bodyguard to prevent unwanted harassment or attacks. No matter what type of public event you will be attending, and whether you’re a guest or an organizer, we guarantee we can connect you with the perfect bodyguard services to suit your requirements.

IF you are an event organizer or host, we can provide the best bodyguard services to ensure safety for all guests and attendees of your event. Our party bodyguard team will conduct a full risk assessment for the event, and then work closely with your venue and any other event staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our bodyguards are experienced in working large events and in protecting VIP clients, so no matter what you require, we will have the perfect security professional to suit your needs.

You won’t find a better qualified bodyguard for a party anywhere else.

Our security professionals have experience with a variety of different public events ranging from yacht shows to grand openings, hotel parties, music festivals and concerts and more! If you are looking for personal bodyguard services, we have 50 professionals from a variety of backgrounds for you to choose from – if you require very serious protection, we have highly-trained bodyguards with military backgrounds and even some with international experience. As a bodyguard for a high-profile individual at a party, our professionals will conduct a full risk assessment, reviewing your profile and coordinating with the public event staff to make sure they are fully prepared for any situations that may arise.