Promotional Event

We have the most highly-qualified bodyguards for hire in the city

We have a variety of bodyguards for hire available for your next promotional event. Whether you are looking for an event security team, or a specialized individual bodyguard for hire to protect a VIP guest, we guarantee we will have the perfect professional to suit your requirements.

Promotional events for products, services and more frequently draw very large and very excited crowds. Make sure your event and everyone in attendance is safe with one of our specialized bodyguards for hire. Our bodyguards will manage the crowds at the event, making sure that people attending don’t get too rowdy, and ensuring that the event can run smoothly as planned. Our bodyguards will coordinate and work hand in hand with your venue and event organizer so that they have a full run-down of the event and can conduct a comprehensive risk analysis beforehand. With our organization, you can trust that we will connect you with the best bodyguards for hire no matter the size or scope of your event.

Choose a specialized bodyguard for hire for VIP guests at your next promotional event

Many companies will invite VIP guests to promotional events, or have celebrity brand ambassadors attend to promote their product or service. Through our organization you can find the perfect bodyguard for hire to protect your celebrity or VIP guests and presenters. We have bodyguards with police and military backgrounds, so they are highly trained and will be able to keep your VIP safe from external threats or even just crowds full of excited fans. No matter who your VIP guests are, our security team will analyze their profiles beforehand to determine any potential threats, and will be fully prepared for any situation that could possibly arise. You can rest assured that your VIP guests will be safe with our security professionals. Our bodyguards are highly-skilled but discreet, so your guests will never feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.