Private Party

Make sure your party stays exclusive with the best private security team

Your private party is an important and exclusive event – make sure it stays that way by hiring private security to watch over your event. Especially at a large-scale event, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of everyone coming in and out and make sure that they are meant to be there. Our Bangkok party security team is here to handle all of that for you, so all that you have to do is focus on enjoying your private party!

Having unwanted people crashing your party can cause unnecessary stress, and in the worst cases, even some damages. When you hire private security, our professionals will supervise the entrance to your event to make sure that nobody can crash your party. In addition to managing the entrance, our party security team will supervise your party and deal with any issues that may arise. Whether someone has had too much to drink or a fight breaks out – our private security professionals will step in and de-escalate the situation before it causes problems.

Choose from the best bodyguards for party security in Bangkok

We can supply party security anywhere in Bangkok – no matter where you are, our team will be there for you. Our security specialists come from a variety of backgrounds, so no matter who is attending your private party or what level of security you need, we have staff that will be able to handle the event. Our private security team can manage that as well – you won’t have to worry about finding bodyguards that are experienced on a boat.

If you are looking for other staff for your private party or any additional services, you can contact our partner organization ( to plan and execute the most exclusive private party of your dreams!