Boat Party

Hire a boat party bodyguard in Thailand

A boat party is an exciting and unique event for any occasion. However, hosting a party on a boat can be a completely different ball game to hosting one on dry land. There are many other safety concerns that can arise when you’re out on the water. Be prepared for any situation before it happens by hiring a boat party bodyguard for your next Bangkok river cruise or private yacht party in Thailand. They will manage the entrance to your boat party and make sure that nobody who isn’t meant to be there is allowed on board. Throughout the evening, the boat party bodyguard will also monitor the event, and deal with any potential situations before they can cause any problems. Each boat party bodyguard is highly-trained and will have experience being out at sea, so they will be aware of all the specific issues that can arise on a boat and know how to handle them. No matter where you are hosting a private boat event in Thailand, our boat party bodyguard can be there. If you’re taking a Bangkok river cruise or hosting a wild yacht party in Phuket or Koh Samet, you can trust us to have your back.

Give yourself the peace of mind to be able to enjoy your Bangkok river cruise

With the amount of time and effort and all the costs and consideration that go into the planning for a private boat party, we know how important it is for your event to run smoothly. Especially for a large-scale event or one with high-profile guests, it can be stressful to manage. Let us take that off your plate with a boat party bodyguard – no matter what the occasion our security professionals will work closely with you, the event organizer, and any other staff on board so that you can focus on enjoying the event and spending time with your guests. With the peace of mind that comes with having a boat party bodyguard, you will truly be able to enjoy your Bangkok river cruise or private yacht party.

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