November 24, 2017

Female Bodyguard is just as strong as Male Bodyguard!

Familiar with female bodyguards?!

Despite the fact that communities are stereotyping security services which is a bodyguard as a muscular, tall, broad with biceps man using the black suit. In reality, we cannot forget the figure of female bodyguard. Although it’s been years since the existence of female bodyguard, some people are still not aware of female bodyguard.

Needing security services in Bangkok? But doesn’t want to look too eye-catching?!

A female bodyguard with VIP protection is your answer! There are moments where clients do not want to seem to eye-catching for their surrounding then they rent female bodyguard.

Here why you should not underestimate female bodyguard!

Hard Training!

Every training for VIP protection both for male and female are the same. Training for VIP protection includes unarmed combat, self-defense, firearms tactics, driving, upcoming threats, crowd screening and many more to be listed. Bunch of other soft skills are needed as well like monitoring situation, listening surrounding and etc.

Blend with surroundings!

Comparing to males, female VIP protection has preferable soft skills and social skills. Besides protecting as their main responsibility, female bodyguard and be very helpful as a family member, mentor. Back again, when threats are coming female bodyguard is there to keep you protected.

Conflict handling!

VIP protection you rent will always cover up everything for you. Female bodyguard is more expert in taking care of conflicts. Female bodyguard will win on areas like analyzing body language, fit in intense situation comparing to the male bodyguard.

3 aspects above are things that you can underestimate from a female VIP Protection. We surely cannot compare the physical appearance of female and male bodyguards; we cannot underestimate female bodyguard skill.

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