Monthly Archives: November 2017

How to select your private security company?

Are you currently in Bangkok, Thailand? Always get yourself secured! In today’s world, we need to ensure that we ourselves needs to be secured from harm that would come to us at any time. Using a security service might be the first option for personal or business matters. Are you about to hire bodyguards? Your […]

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Why should you hire a security guard?

When will crimes happen to you? We will never know. As an individual, we can’t expect when will bad things happen to us. Crimes like kidnap, theft, even murder can happen to anyone. Renting a personal bodyguard can be a solution to be secured. Personal Bodyguard can help you to avoid yourself from a dangerous […]

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Female Bodyguard is just as strong as Male Bodyguard!

Familiar with female bodyguards?! Despite the fact that communities are stereotyping security services which is a bodyguard as a muscular, tall, broad with biceps man using the black suit. In reality, we cannot forget the figure of female bodyguard. Although it’s been years since the existence of female bodyguard, some people are still not aware […]

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